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Sessions with a NJ Medium...
Offering Private and Group Readings for those interested in connecting with loved ones in spirit.

What can you expect?
My job as a Medium is to provide you with evidence that your loved ones
are with us during your sharing names, past memories,
current events and other detailed information about your life together.
Mediums are people too...we receive information from Spirit and sometimes
our own life experience can 'skew' that information as we deliver it to our clients...which is why

we need open, honest communication from our Sitters (that's you...the client!) The more open

and accepting you are of the process, the deeper a connection I can make to your loved ones!

How Does this Happen?
Your loved ones in spirit sends information that I receive "Clairvoyantly" (seeing images),
"Clairsentiently" (through feeling) and "Clairaudiently" (I can 'hear' messages)...
these aren't seen and felt and heard the way we all do as living the
symbols...the Spirit 'Shorthand' as I call it...leaves me to put together a Psychic Puzzle for you...

names can 'sound like' other can symbolize events or may represent actual flowers!  So being open, your cooperation, patience and faith is important...but you will leave your session "knowing" that your loved one was 'with' you and delivering messages of love!

"Will my Loved One Come Through?"
I have no control over who comes through for you in a Reading. Being OPEN to ANY Spirit energy that comes through for you is the key to a successful session!
If you are hoping to hear from a specific someone, you're welcome to tell me after I have delivered the messages that have been sent for you. There is a reason that another energy comes forward to give you are open, grateful and eager to receive any messages that any loved ones will receive a VERY special gift and connection to your loved ones!

What Else Do I Need to Know?
During a Mediumship session—whether in a group, or as a private reading—You don’t need to do much talking...but PLEASE...give us your voice! Let the Medium do the talking. You are there mostly to listen...but... please DO give affirmation so WE know that we're understanding the messages to you from your loved ones!

If what the Medium says doesn’t make sense to you, just say you don’t know or don’t understand what they are talking about. Don’t try to make it fit! If the Medium asks if you had a dog named Fred, don’t say, “I had a cat named Ethel!” Don’t try to make the message fit if it doesn’t. The Medium will figure out what the message means without you interpreting it yourself. Additionally, when something DOES make sense, or 'clicks', PLEASE feel free to offer that affirmation!

Please note: Every attempt will be made to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Once contact is established (where you can “take” or understand the evidence given within the first 5-10 minutes of the reading), the reading is considered successful and is non-refundable under any circumstance. Please come with an open mind, open heart and the expectation that we will be successful in bringing the affirmation and healing you seek!

***  ”Surprising” a loved one with a session is strongly discouraged. Please plan to announce the gift of a session to the recipient a week or more before the appointment. It is vital to the success of the appointment for the sitter to have time to emotionally and energetically prepare.

All clients booking appointments MUST agree to give no less than 24 hours notice if they need to reschedule, change time or cancel their appointments, otherwise they agree to pay, in full, within 24 hours should they fail to do so. No exceptions.


HOW to get the MOST from a Private Reading or at a Group Demonstration of Mediumship!


Ready to Book? Choose from TWO Options!

Sessions offered In Gia's NJ Studio or by Phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype 

30 Minute Session - $100

60 Minute Session - $195

(These are the fees for a SINGLE person sitting. With permission, you may bring up to
TWO additional family members: BLOOD RELATIONS...MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER, COUSINS for the price posted.


Those who wish to bring a Spouse MUST understand that the Spouse’s family may come through and be part of your reading,
​or may be the only Souls who are able to get my attention during the session! Your spouse’s attendance carries an additional fee.

Those who wish to bring a 'friend' or spouse MUST understand that they may get read
AS WELL AS, INSTEAD of or IN ADDITION to your Reading. 
Each additional person - those NOT related to you by blood must pay $75 for half hour sittings & $150 for an hour sitting -

(I can also accommodate up to 10 people in my home studio for an intimate Gallery Reading Please inquire.)

ALL appointments MUST be confirmed via email BEFORE being booked

and ONLY appointments made with payment are honored!

Questions about the Process? Feel free to email me at any time! 
Ready to make your appointment? Please email first, then make your payment.

(As of 2024-Private Group appearances are Unavailable)
Rates start at $550 for 90 minutes.
(for up to 10 at your party...each additional person $55.)
(ONLY Galleries within a 20 minute drive of Clifton NJ are currently available for booking).

Please email Gia for information and to book her services!

(PLEASE NOTE: Madame Qamar cannot provide 'a series' of one-on-one Medium Readings at any event.

ONLY Gallery Readings can be offered at gatherings and not EVERYONE is guaranteed to receive  a message.)

Ready to secure your Appointment with Payment?

30 minute Mediumship $100

60 minute Mediumship $195

We're doing this a little

differently now!

To the right and left

you'll see "QR-Codes", one for

PayPal, another for Venmo.

  1. You Can...bring the code up on a computer, simply scan a QR code with your camera and it will take your right to PayPal or Venmo to enter the amount and make your payment!

  2. Otherwise, on your phone or tablet, simply hold your finger on the QR code of your choice and click OPEN PAYPAL/VENMO to go right my payment page.

  3. Enter the correct amount and I will send a confirmation email when I've received your payment!

30 minute Mediumship $100

60 minute Mediumship $195

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