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Learn Tarot, Heighten Psychic Gifts, Communicate with Animals, Work with Crystals, Develop your Mediumship and MORE!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." - Adelaide Proctor


You have always had that feeling haven't you? You've had that sense that you knew things, saw things or heard things that others didn't.


Well...You're not alone...and you're not imagining things.

AND...if you were waiting for a sign...this, my it.


I offer classes guidance, workshops, mentoring and more for every student.

What are you seeking?


Classes are offered on no particular schedule, in person (in my NJ studio) and on-line via Zoom or FaceTime.


See where you are drawn and email me for more information!

Don't delay...your future starts today!

Spiritual Assessment
​Curious about your spiritual path?

Wondering if you are suited for work as a healer? Are you a natural Medium? What are your unique personal and professional strengths and weaknesses? What 'Clair' is your strongest and why?
All these things and more can be determined during a Spiritual Assessment.
I will tap into your aura and convey the information being held there for you!
Not a workshop or class, but a 45 minute scheduled appointment at which you can take notes, ask questions and find your strongest areas for success and opportunity!
Cost is $95


Psychic Development

Ask yourself…do you feel energy but don't know what to do with it?

Do you sometimes see something from the corner of your eye, but aren’t sure what it was? Was it ‘really’ there?

Do you see signs but don't know how to interpret the message?

What's next? How do you build this ability?

I see you. I know you. You *are* psychic and if you are seeing this, it's your sign that it’s time to step fully into your gifts.

All classes held once weekly on FaceTime, Zoom or FaceTime Messenger/Video chat.

Cost... you have options…

$65 for one hour single class

$165 for 3 one hour classes (15% discount) held weekly

All classes will be scheduled according to our mutual availability. Daytime, Evenings and Saturdays also!

Take Your Mediumship Further

You’ve taken an unfoldment class, sat in circle, practiced readings…but…you’re not quite seeing the results you want…yet!

This 4 week online series of 2 and a half hour classes will help polish your Mediumship to a Diamond-like shine!
Learn techniques to help you embrace the “no” and redirect energy so you can convey the correct information to your sitter.

Learn the language that enables you to have command on platform.
Learn to connect more fully with Spirit using deeper connections to your ‘Clairs’.
And…of course…so much more!

Class are held on Zoom (dates coming please inquire)
Students will be taught the week’s technique, then given an opportunity to work in 1 on 1 readings, in small groups and give larger group demonstrations.
Take a giant step forward on your path!
Cost is $300

"Teach Me Tarot" 

Have you always wanted to learn to Read Tarot for yourself and others?
Imagine being able to tap into a Universal Language of Ancient Symbols that gives you the answers to your questions & can help your friends and family on their journey through life?
Tarot does NOT have to be confusing OR take months to learn!
In my "Teach Me Tarot" Course, you will learn to Read Tarot without the aide of the "Little White Book", without complicated spreads or rules or the details and misconceptions that can keep your NATURAL abilities at bay!

In this class you will receive the information and support needed to get you Reading Tarot in just FOUR HOURS using education and Intuition!
This course is for absolute beginners as well as any Tarot Enthusiast who wishes to refine or learn NEW reading skills!
You'll learn about all the cards i
n the deck, how to Read each card, how to do a basic spread, how to create your own spread, and, you will also do a Reading before you leave! Hand outs are given!
The cost is $85

If you have questions about which deck to bring, please message me for suggestions!

Animal Communication for Muggles & Wizards!
If you always wanted to ‘talk’ to the Animals... but weren't sure you could, this is your workshop!
Animal Lovers, Healers, Psychics, and Muggles...everyone can do this!
In a 3.5 hour Zoom class, learn to communicate with furry, finned or feathered friends using your natural ability and love for animal-kind!

Whether you wish to work professionally to help people with their animal's physical and emotional needs, or you just want to tap into the energy of your own pets to create a stronger soul-to-soul bond…this class will guide your already-abundant energy to success!


Everyone will be reading by the end of class!
*Learn how animals communicate.
*Learn to work with your psychic senses!
*Learn to connect with animals who’ve crossed over.
Meet your own Animal Spirit Guides in a beautiful meditation! AND…there is so much more!

Cost is $85


Connect to your Crystal Skull

As many people know, I am a crystal skull guardian and author of a book on communicating with Crystal Skulls.

So many people around the world have ‘collected’ these magnificent pieces of artistic magic, but don’t know how to connect themselves to their amazing energy. You now have an opportunity to learn to connect to the universal healing and knowledge of these skulls through my 30 minute, guided meditation and practical, step by step practice that will have you working with your favorite skull immediately! 

Enhance your psychic gifts. Add to the flow of  your healing energy! Receive guidance, companionship, connection to universal knowledge and ancient teachings! The sky is the limit!

Cost is $85 (introductory price) for 30 minute session by FaceTime or Zoom.

$160 for an hour session.

More Classes and Workshops Added Soon! PLEASE CHECK BACK!


When it's Time to Make Your Purchase...


Check the Price of your Class

BEFORE making Payment!

We're doing this a little

differently now!

To the right and left

you'll see "QR-Codes", one for

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  1. You Can...bring the code up on a computer, simply scan a QR code with your camera and it will take your right to PayPal or Venmo to enter the amount and make your payment!

  2. Otherwise, on your phone or tablet, simply hold your finger on the QR code of your choice and click OPEN PAYPAL/VENMO to go right my payment page.

  3. Enter the correct amount and I will send a confirmation email when I've received your payment!


Check the Price of your Class BEFORE making Payment!

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