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Guided Meditation...Your Path to Your Spiritual Life...

Have you always wanted to meditate but found yourself unable to quiet your mind?
Maybe you have already started your meditation practice, but wish to bring it to the next level.

Have you wanted to meet your lead Spirit Guide? Your Guardian Angel or other Spiritual entity?
Then this is a wonderful offering for you!

I am offering both private and group sessions for those who wish to experience a lovely meditation session in my Clifton Studio!



We will discuss your goals...if you'd like to meditate for a particular outcome, to improve your connection to your higher self, or to open your chakras, or connect with your Guides.

You'll be given the option of sitting on a pillow or chair and while incense burns, music plays and candles warm the room, we will open our chakras together,
I will say prayers of protection as you listen to a crystal bowl being played.
A Guided Meditation (this is a meditation spoken by me, but assisted by your own Spirit Guides!) will deliver a relaxing, centering Spiritual experience that will encourage a close relationship with your Guide(s).


Does this interest you?

Medition Session is 45-60 minutes long and is offered for a single client, as well as groups as small as 2 people or as large as 10!

The cost is $85 for a single person --

$65 each for 2-5 people

$45 each for 6-10 people

(Large group Meditations can be created in your home/business for an additional fee! Please inquire!)Interested?

Have Questions? Feel free to email Gia to ask questionsor to make your appointment today!

When it's Time to Secure Your Appointment

We're doing this a little

differently now!

To the right and left

you'll see "QR-Codes", one for

PayPal, another for Venmo

  1. You Can...bring the code up on a computer, simply scan a QR code with your camera and it will take your right to PayPal or Venmo to enter the amount and make your payment!

  2. Otherwise, on your phone or tablet, simply hold your finger on the QR code of your choice and click OPEN PAYPAL/VENMO to go right my payment page.

  3. Enter the correct amount and I will send a confirmation email when I've received your payment!

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