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My Standards and a bit about Me...

    My Tarot, Psychic & Medium Readings are meant to empower my clients and give new insights that should inspire introspection, exploration and speculation about their life path!
   I am bless
ed to have remarkable intuition about people which, when used in concert with my Gifts, enables me to guide my clients to a fresh perspective.
   It is VERY i
mportant to know that I do not predict 'the future' in my readings, as it is my belief that free will, circumstance and your own good sense will ultimately shape your future!

What I CAN do is guide you to see the possible outcome of the situation that you bring to the table, give you affirmation and clarity. I do so in an uplifting, friendly and supportive way that should leave you energized about your life's path!    Readings are not a substitute for professional counseling, medical or legal advice or your own common sense. Think of my services as an addition to your healthy life choices as well as a fun and entertaining  bonus in your life!

ALL who come to me for Readings can be assured of COMPLETE confidentiality. Your Reading, questions, spread and answers are shown to NO ONE else and never discussed outside the confines of our session!

What is my background? I have been reading Tarot for well over a decade. In addition to Tarot, I can provide 'straight' Psychic Readings as well as evidential Medium Sessions (giving proof that I am speaking with those who have passed and are in Spirit).  I am Psychic and an Empathic (which means that I can easily feel your spiritual vibrations, emotions, energy and personal history) and Intuitive (which means that I can sense what cannot be felt though the usual 5 senses). I am also Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing) and Clairsentient (clear feeling). I offer Tarot, Psychic and Medium Readings and I also offer holistic Energy services such as Reiki, Chakra Clearing, and guided Meditations. I also teach classes & workshops for Tarot readers, Psychic studies and Mediumship development.

I am a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher and also hold Certification as a Psychic and a Medium. 
I am a Minister ordained through the Universal Life Church.
I believe in being a life-long student, and I am always learning, growing and strengthening my abilities through study and practice!

My Education and Development

  • Unfoldment into Mediumship, Montclair Metaphysical School Montclair, NJ.

  • Mediumship studies, Doreen Malloy, West NY, NJ

  • Accelerated Psychic Development, Montclair Metaphysical School Montclair, NJ.

  • Advanced Mediumship Training, Audrey Willey, Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation, Australia

  • Mediumship workshop, international teaching Medium Tony Stockwell, The Journey Within Spiritualist National Union Church, Pompton Lakes, NJ.

  • Various courses James Van Praagh, Montvale NJ and online

  • Advanced Spirit Communication and Public Mediumship, Sharon Klinger online/home study

  • Essential Aspects of Mediumship, Internationally teaching Medium Mavis Pittilla, The Journey Within Spiritualist National Union Church, Pompton Lakes, NJ.

  • Online seminars/various Mediumship topics with Colin Bates, Andy Bing, Martin Twycross

  • Mentorship (advanced Mediumship) with Mavis Pittilla, New Jersey

Aside from innumerable private parties, I have had the pleasure of Demonstrating Mediumship:
Glen Rock Jewish Center
Hoffman La Roche
Michael Kors Corporate
Montclair Metaphysical School
La Lezar Restaurant
Valhalla Club
Om Yoga

Online Galleries
Many Bereavement Groups, Women's Clubs, Universities & Educational Programs
and...many others!

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