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Energy Healing -

Reiki, Chakra Balancing & Cord Cutting


Chakra Balancing

Your Chakras are the center of spiritual power and energy in your body.
There are 7 primary Chakra and when these centers become "dirty", blocked or
unbalanced, it can manifest into physical, emotional or spiritual ills. 
Every Chakra is attached to a specific part of the body, specific emotions,
mental, and spiritual concerns.
By taking care to unblock these Chakras, you will be more attuned to your
mind, your body and your soul.

A Chakra Balancing is like a 'massage' for these meridians!

What to expect in a Chakra Balancing?: Clients who book a Chakra Balancing should expect to be in my
studio for 30-45 minutes There is a soft padded 'massage' table on which you rest,
face up, fully clothed, while beautiful meditative music plays.

The room is softly lit and incense is burned. Smudging (sage burning) is how we begin.Once comfortable, you will be taken into a state of deep relaxation while I talk you through a Guided Meditation,which will start to open each Chakra as my energy assists you in relaxing and bringing yourself back into balance.The use of quartz crystal tuned singing bowls and special music, specially charged and blessed crystals are used in additionto my pendulum to "see" the shape and energy of each of your Chakras.
Once completed, clients have remarked at the feeling of calm and centered-ness they feel and the energy they experience long after the session is complete!

Embrace Self-Care! Give the gift of this special time to your whole self!

Price for Chakra Balancing $120.00 (see below to purchase)



Click HERE to email Gia ​for your appointment!



Make SURE to include your cell phone number,

available days/times for your healing session!
(* Studio Hours are currently Tuesday-Friday 10 am-3 pm

Reiki Energy Healing

Gia is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that offers stress reduction and promotes
the body's natural ability to heal through subtle energy . It is different than
the Chakra Balancing as it is used specifically to promote physical, emotional
and/or spiritual healing.

YES! Reiki encourages your body’s natural ability to heal!
It also has been documented to speed recovery from surgery and illnesses and enhances medical treatments, making them more effective. It helps alleviate headaches, encourages stress reduction and rids the body of toxins and helps increase energy.

Did you know that MANY well known hospitals use Reiki as an addition to the treatments they offer their patients?


What to expect?: My hands are held 1-2 inches above the body, sometimes
on the crown chakra (top of the head), arms, legs and abdomen.
Using the "Ki" or Universal Life Energy focused in me at the time of my
Attunement/Certification, I am able to pass the healing energy on to YOU! Reiki
doesn't replace the need for medical attention, but instead works with traditional
medicine to promote faster healing, often alleviating symptoms while opening
and cleaning the chakras to aid in your wellness!

You can expect a feeling of DEEP relaxation, sometimes immediate relief and often a feeling of greater energy and overall wellness usually after 1-3 sessions. Reiki is done fully clothed in the same manner as described in Chakra Balancing. Diagnosis through 'scanning' is done first, then the session, (usually 30-45 minutes).​The use of specially programmed crystals, calming music, is used.

Fee for Reiki Session is $110.00 (see below to purchase)                                           


 * SAVE! Book a Combined Chakra Balancing & Reiki Session-for $220 (1 hour appointment)                          PLEASE Notice! NO REFUNDS will be given with less than 24 hours cancellation notice! No exceptions.

Remove Negative Energy with Cord Cutting


Cord Cutting is a releasing or "cutting away" of energetic Etheric cords
that connect you to a person or a Spiritual energy that is considered
negative, harmful or unhealthy. We ALL have these Energetic cords...the
healthy ones we encourage...the negative need to be removed!

Yes...Everyone has cords! But when you find yourself attached in an unhealthy way to a person or Energy, this can negatively impact your life. We've all had the experience of being around people who 'suck the life out' of us...sometimes, this energy can affect us so dramatically that we need to take action.

Who Needs Cord Cutting?
If you find yourself "obsessed" with someone, you are easily distracted, overly emotional, easily manipulated, depressed, fearful,
have low energy, are sleepless, have nightmares or are simply feeling bad in another person’s presence...this will benefit you.
If there is an spiritual attachment, you may experience odd occurrences around you that are out of your control. Having a Cord
Cutting will assist in removing the attachment this Energy has over you!

Difficult, unproductive relationships can also benefit from cord cutting. We work to remove the negative ties so that more positive
ones can be re-established if you choose to do so. Also...victims of emotional or physical abuse will find this freeing and healing.
Difficult relationships zap our energy...cutting ties frees us to abandon these unproductive relationships or cut the negativity so
you can start from a place of positive energy! Removing cords allows you to improve your emotional, spiritual and physical
well-being AND enables you to re-establish more positive bonds if and when you choose.

How is This Done?
As part of a Reiki or Chakra Balancing, or on it's own, the session includes the use of specially attuned crystals that actively
work to clear your Chakras as well as your Auric Field (your aura). As you rest on a specially prepared "massage" table
(the same as Reiki or Chakra Balancing), you will be smudged and have crystals placed around you as well as on your the
meridians where your Chakras are. Prayers, as well as the calling-in of Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Spiritual Guides
occurs to assist in removing these Cords. Hand/Pendulum scanning is often done to check for energetic ties. You will be asked
to provide the names of those whose Cords you wish to have removed. If there is an unknown Energy, you can list that as the
Cord you wish to have addressed.

You can choose to have between 1-2 cords removed in a session that is combined with a Reiki or Chakra Balancing.
The cost is $55 in addition to the Reiki/Chakra Balancing Fee.

If there are 1-3 cords that you wish to have addressed, you should schedule a 30 minute session.
The cost is $85 (this is for a Cord Cutting Session Only).

Those with multiple (4+) attachments should schedule an hour-long appointment.
The cost is $133. (This is for a Cord Cutting Session only)

Ready to secure your Appointment with Payment?
(Have you 1st contacted Gia to secure your time?)

  • Chakra Balancing $120

  • Reiki Session $110

  • Chakra-Reiki Combined $220

  • Chakra OR Reiki with Cord Cutting $185

  • Cord Cutting (60 Mins) $133

  • Cord Cutting (30 Mins) $85

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  2. Otherwise, on your phone or tablet, simply hold your finger on the QR code of your choice and click OPEN PAYPAL/VENMO to go right my payment page.

  3. MAKE SURE TO enter the correct amount and I will send a confirmation email when I've received your payment!

  • Chakra Balancing $120

  • Reiki Session $110

  • Chakra-Reiki Combined $220

  • Chakra OR Reiki with Cord Cutting $185

  • Cord Cutting (60 Mins) $133

  • Cord Cutting (30 Mins) $85

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