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Please consider the following...

Thank you for contemplating the gift of a Session for your loved one.
The loving gift you wish to give can change a life, heal and create peace in a way that other experiences cannot.
I personally adore when people want to give the amazing, healing, loving gift of a Mediumship or Psychic session to their loved ones...I would, however, like to caution against surprising the recipient with a reading.

Anyone who sits for a ANY reading should be emotionally ready to BE read...they very much need to be open and focused on this special experience. A ‘surprise’ at the time they arrive here may leave them so overwhelmed that they will not have the rich experience that is meant for them.

So...if you are giving a session as a gift...Please plan to ‘surprise’ your loved one a week or more before their appointment.

Please be aware that up to 2 other family members are be permitted in my studio for a Mediumship reading. Additional, non-family, may attend for an added fee but the non-related person may be the ONLY one to be read during the session, or not receive a message at all. This information is detailed on this website.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
Please let me know how I can assist you!

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