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A Few Things You Should Know Before Attending A Private Medium
Reading or a Group Medium Gallery/Platform Demonstration

Gia at Mediumship Gallery

If you've never been to a Medium or Medium Gallery before, you may be excited, confused, even skeptical about the process, what to expect, what to do or not to do!
Because EVERYONE wants the BEST from a visit, I'd like to share this information to assist YOU in having the BEST experience possible!

Gia reads for Glen Rock Jewish Center Bevrevement Group

What do Mediums Do?
Mediums Communicate with the Spirit World

The first thing you should know before going to a public Medium demonstration (sometimes called a “Gallery” or "Platform") or to a Private Reading is that Mediums are like a telephone to the Spirit world and they communicate directly with those in Spirit. However, they are like a telephone without a dial. A Medium cannot simply call up anyone from the Spirit world with whom you want to talk. Instead, you get whoever is on the other end when the Medium “links-in” with the Spirit world. If you come with the expectation, desire or hope to contact a SPECIFIC person in Spirit, you may be disappointed and MISS the joy and blessing of a special message that IS being given to you when you are read. PLEASE…keep an open mind and an open heart! The messages you receive are the messages intended for YOU!


       As a decades-long conduit for soul’s communication, I am fully appreciative that those in the Spirit World know best what to say. So asking me why your loved one ‘didn’t bring up’ a name, memory or object is counter-productive to what they CHOSE to share with you. If you are hyper-focused on who may come through and what you want them to say, you’ll miss the surprise, joy and delight of receiving what is being offered to you!

That is what we mean when we ask you to ‘be open’ during your reading.


I have the right to and will use my discretion to stop a Private reading without a refund if a client is purposely emotionless, rude, or wants to play "test the medium". 


These folks won’t bring their best energy to the table.

The energy of every person who sits with me affects my ability to work. 

I wish to read for sitters who bring only the best energy, have a sense of desire to reunite with their loved ones in spirit and are ‘all in’ where my process is concerned. Just coming because you’re ‘curious’ about how all this works isn’t basis for the best, most connected readings. Be invested, emotionally, physically, spiritually in the experience! Needing to and wanting to connect is the 1st step in having a terrific mediumship sitting.

I strongly protect my energy and the energy of those in the Spirit World.

Everyone who attends a session affects the clarity of the messages that come through!
Keep in mind that the person being read (who is called the Sitter), and anyone in the room (people attending the reading with the sitter or audience members in a demonstration), can affect the clarity of the messages.

In a reading, for instance, if you are skeptical, the messages might not be quite as clear as they could be if you were more open-minded. If you are fearful or angry, this low mental energy could inhibit the clarity of the messages. If you are on medication or abusing drugs or alcohol, your mental and emotional clarity could also affect the clarity of the messages.

Likewise, an entire audience can affect the clarity of the Spirit communication at a Medium demonstration. If the audience as a whole is very open, accepting and light-hearted, this helps the Medium, as it would help any speaker on stage. If the audience as a whole is skeptical, apathetic or angry, this can negatively affect the Medium, as it might affect any speaker in front of such a group. Spirit communication is about energy. If the energy in the room is low, it makes it more difficult for the Medium to raise her own energy to connect with Spirit. If the energy is high, it can assist the Medium to raise her energy!

We can all help Mediums to have a clear path while on stage, or in a private reading, by sending them our love and acceptance.
Say a little prayer to help the Medium receive perfect clarity in their communication. Don’t sit there with your arms folded and an angry look on your face! Lighten up! Relax! Have fun! One message that often comes through for people from Spirit-Guides is that they need to lighten up—don’t be so serious! Many Spirits have communicated to Mediums that when they crossed-over to the Spirit world and looked back at their life, they were regretful that they were so darn serious and didn’t have more fun while they were here!

The Medium Needs YOUR voice!

During a Mediumship session—whether in a group, or as a private reading—You don’t need to do much talking...but PLEASE...give us your voice! Let the Medium do the talking. You are there mostly to listen...but... please DO give affirmation so WE know that we're understanding the messages to you from your loved ones!

If what the Medium says doesn’t make sense to you, just say you don’t know or don’t understand what they are talking about. Don’t try to make it fit! If the Medium asks if you had a dog named Fred, don’t say, “I had a cat named Ethel!” Don’t try to make the message fit if it doesn’t. The Medium will figure out what the me
ssage means without you interpreting it yourself. Additionally, when something DOES make sense, or 'clicks', PLEASE feel free to offer that affirmation!

At the same time, if the Medium says that “Frances” is here, and your mother’s name is Francine, don’t say you have no idea what they are talking about. Or if the Medium says that your father is wearing a police uniform but your father wore a security uniform, remember that you don’t have to be a Medium to mix up details like that! Anyone could make that mistake! Small inaccuracies are expected. Don’t hold the Medium to exact measurements!

Be Ready to receive amazing evidence!
If the Medium tells you that your Uncle Joe is present. Don’t blurt out, “Oh, my goodness, my Uncle Joe was a police officer who lost his leg in the war and died two years ago in a car accident!” Let the Medium tell you these things. If you offer that information yourself, then you miss out on the excitement and validation you could gain if the Medium was about to tell you those details! The Medium’s JOB is to validate your loved one’s presence by giving details to you! Don’t feel the need to do the Medium’s job!

Finally...ONCE the Medium HAS brought though evidence that you DO understand and CAN accept, feel free to let the Medium know! You CAN even share WHY the information is significant or meaningful if you'd like!

What else?
​It is strongly recommend that you speak to your loved ones who are in Spirit before your appointment and ASK them to come forward on the day of your visit. Ask them to answer any questions you have, ask them to tell you what you NEED to hear most! And be ready to bring positive energy and an open-ness to your session

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