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FAQ - If you've never been to a Medium probably have a LOT of questions!

If you've NEVER been to a Medium probably have a LOT of questions!Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and my answers!Please feel free to email me any questions not posted here or for clarification about any part of the Mediumship process!

Please remember that Medium Sessions are deeply personal, always private/confidential & are an incredible gift. Sessions are not a substitute for professional counseling, medical or legal advice or your own common sense. Think of this journey as an addition to your spiritual life choices.

* "Can you really talk to the dead?" Yes. Yes I can. It isn't like picking up a phone, but yes, I am using my gifts as well as my ability to raise my spiritual energy to receive information in the form of symbols...some visual, some that I can hear, some that I can feel, some that I just 'know'. With YOUR assistance, I can make sense of personal information that I am being given so that YOU can confirm that the energy I am speaking with is someone you know!

* "My loved one passed very recently. Can I come see you now?" It is strongly recommended that you take time to mourn the physical loss of your family member or friend. I personally believe that our souls CAN communicate very soon after is VITAL to the success of your mediumship session that YOU are in a calm and centered state of mind so that you can assist me AND your loved one in building a powerful bridge of energy that will enable us all to communicate clearly. Please take time to heal...and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me for direction!

* "What If I ONLY want to talk to my late Uncle Charlie?" I am sad to say that you may be disappointed. Spirits come as they wish. I cannot 'summon' a specific energy 'on cue'. What I do is listen to the energy of the loves ones that YOU bring with YOU! If, at a point in the session you have not heard from someone you want, I WILL try to get this energy to come forward. The best way to PREPARE is to ask your loved ones in Spirit to come forward, to be present and deliver energy to ME to convey to YOU! But...the ONLY way to assure a wonderful experience is for you to be open to the process and grateful for ANY energy who comes forward to speak! QUITE OFTEN the soul with whom you'd LIKE to speak WILL step forward. I also am pleased to try to bring that energy forward for you if that person did not step forward during the reading!
Please note: I will make every attempt to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Once I have established contact (where you can “take” or understand the evidence given within the first 5-10 minutes of the reading), the reading is considered successful even if any particular soul you hoped would make contact doesn’t. Please come with an open mind, open heart and the expectation that we will be successful in bringing the affirmation and healing you seek.

* "I went to see a Medium and all I received was very general information. How do I know you're connecting to my departed relative?" Almost EVERY contact a Medium makes with Spirit contains information that may be dismissed as 'general'. These "shared memories", like a trip to a lake, or the photo you have hanging in your home may SEEM like nothing terrifically important...but it IS Spirit's way of saying that they are there with you at that very moment. What I endeavor to offer are details, evidence, memories that are COMPLETELY unique to YOU! When Reading...I ask Spirit to share with me the way in which they passed, their relationship to you, shared memories and then to show me something that is going on in YOUR life to act as 'proof' that they are there, sharing in your life and observing, guiding and assisting you in everyday matters! So by the end of the session, you will know that your Loved Ones have connected with you!

* I see you offer gift certificates...can I surprise my sister with a reading?" I do offer gift certificates and I support giving the gift of a Mediumship session to your loved ones! What a generous and wonderful present! But...Please read this page before you "surprise" the recipient!

Additionally...Please note that I do NOT allow ‘2nd party’ appointments to be made. Group appointments are fine...but individual private appointments must be made by the sitter.

* "How come you can't get an exact name for every Person who has crossed over?" This is a GREAT question with a few answers! First...I don't "hear" the way I do when I am listening in the physical world. A Spirit Energy may show me the letter of the name, give me a 'sound alike' name or even show me a picture that I am left to interpret. is clear as day, other times...we have to connect the dots. Energy vibrates at a MUCH higher frequency than we do as humans. So they must slow down their energy to be understood and I must raise my vibrations to 'hear', 'see' and 'feel' their communication.

* "How long is the wait for a Session?" There are certain times when I am very busy and you may need to wait up to 2-3 weeks for your appointment. Usually, I am able to book the week following your contact. But PLEASE avoid disappointment and make your appointment 2-3 weeks in advance!

* "Can I have a Free/Sample Reading?" 'samples'! I find that those who want to 'test the waters' to see if my Readings will connect with you and your Loved Ones will benefit from having the shorter 30 minute Reading! But just like your doctor, your hairdresser and your car mechanic...I cannot work for free.

* "Why Do I Need to give you advanced notice if I have to re-schedule or cancel an appointment?" Just like any professional, I keep regular hours and have a limited number of appointments available to those wanting my services. When you cancel at the last minute, I can no longer book that time. Someone else in need has lost the ability to use my services and I have lost income. You may also be interested to know that my preparation for doing Readings requires preparing myself in meditation, as well as physically and metaphysically cleaning my studio space. This process can take up to an hour PER guest! Your cooperation in this regard is expected, and your respect is very much appreciated!

ALL CLIENTS MUST AGREE to give no less than 24 hours notice if they need to change or postpone their appointment or agree to pay, in full, in 24 hours, for their appointment. No exceptions.

* What is the Difference between a Psychic and a Medium?" I am SO glad that you asked! These terms can be SO confusing as a lot of different people use the terms incorrectly or interchangeably which adds to the confusion! "Psychic" refers to the ability to use what is commonly called our "sixth" sense to receive and interpret energy that is around every person. It is my strong belief that we ALL have Psychic ability...some choose never to use it, some have a natural ability to engage it and some, like myself, have worked and trained to make the ability stronger so we can more easily 'read' a person's energy. Those who work in the Psychic realm can opt to use 'tools' to assist in bringing in energy. The tools, like tarot cards, crystals, flowers, tea leaves etc. assist in bringing in Spirit Guides, Angels and more energy that will get you the answers you desire!
People who work as Mediums have the added gift of being able to raise their psychic vibration high enough to hear, see, feel, touch, smell and even taste messages being given by the energy of those who have left the physical world. The information comes from Spirit Energy of people who had lived here in the physical world, NOT from the psychic energy of a client who is sitting from a reading. All Mediums have psychic ability...but not all Psychics are Mediums. I do not believe that Mediums are 'made'...I believe we are born with this ability and through TRAINING, EDUCATION and PRACTICE, we are able to use our gifts to assist both those in the physical world as well as those in Spirit who are VERY eager to speak with their loves one!
Please know that it is quite common for a person to be able to speak with their own loved ones...doing so does  not make you a Medium. It is the ability to consistently deliver accurate messages 'from the other side' from people you've NEVER met that enables you to take on that responsibility and title.

* "I had an excellent Session! Can I give you a tip?" Yes...thank you! All who provide a service to the public appreciate being any amount. It is a lovely way to say 'thank you' for the service you've received.

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