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It's THAT Time of Year AGAIN!!!

Book Your Annual Calendar-Tarot Reading!!

2024 Tarot Reading is here!!

aka...The "Calendar" Special!

How would you like to see what's coming for you in 2024?

I offer a very SPECIAL Reading just ONCE a YEAR and for only a VERY LIMITED TIME!


Request this SPECIAL "Calendar Reading" and learn what each month of th year will bring you!

New Love? New Job? Adventure…

ALL be disclosed in this UNIQUE 12 Card, 30 minute Reading.

PERFECT GIFT for yourself or a loved one.

Offered ONLY from December 1st -January 31st

Ready to Make Your Purchase?

New Year Special

Tarot Card Reading

$100 PayPal

We're doing this a little

differently now!

To the right and left

you'll see "QR-Codes", one for

PayPal, another for Venmo

  1. You Can...bring the code up on a computer, simply scan a QR code with your camera and it will take your right to PayPal or Venmo to enter the amount and make your payment!

  2. Otherwise, on your phone or tablet, simply hold your finger on the QR code of your choice and click OPEN PAYPAL/VENMO to go right my payment page.

  3. Enter the correct amount and I will send a confirmation email when I've received your payment!

New Year Special

Tarot Card Reading

$95 Venmo

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