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NJ Tarot & NJ Medium

Readings by
Gia Qamar
Your trusted Psychic, Medium, Reiki Healer & Animal Communicator

Accurate, Friendly, Affordable Readings!

You have a burning question...Something that you can't quite figure out, something that cannot be answered in the 'usual'fashion? You need some insight about your past & where you're headed in the future?
~You've come to the right place! ~

No 'hocus-pocus' scary stuff...I've been reading for over 15 years...with the most wonderful results!

P.B., Summit NJ

 "Your reading has given me so much hope! You are really amazing, this was the first reading I've ever received & I have goose bumps (in a good way). It's like you came into my life, my secret self and shared with me my inner most feelings, thoughts, it's amazing! It's like you've known me for years.  I'm so at ease now and comfortable that it was you whom gave me my first reading. You are special and have a special gift." - P.B.

F.C., Staten Island, NY

I wanted to let you know that after my Reading, I talked to my sister about our Uncle who came through for you. I spoke to her about the shoes and marinara sauce you, or he, were referencing! Well...she reminded me that last summer we were at our Uncle's shore house and we were wearing these weird shoes we had found of his and that someone had dropped marinara sauce on them!!! Also, if you recall you had asked if there was a child in my life, and I said no...well...I just found out that I am pregnant (only 5 weeks so no one but my immediate family knows)! I just had to share with you because it lends to the amazing accuracy of what you do :)!! -- FC 

A.O., Morristown, NJ

Hi Gia! I just wanted to reach out to you after my wedding because some amazing things happened! Do you remember telling me that my late father's spirit was urging me to look for a white feather on my wedding day?  WELL I FOUND ONE!  There were no events at our venue the previous day so it wasn’t from that.  There were no feathers in any of my decorations or my flowers so it wasn’t from that.  It wasn’t from anything that anyone could explain!! But there it was, right on the floor waiting for me!  It was truly a sign from my dad and that I am sure of!  And I would have never known that if it weren’t for you!!!!!! You are fantastic and I thank you so much for delivering my Dad’s messages to me.  It got me through the day and I felt him every single second!  Thanks again and you will be hearing from me again soon to book another reading! =) -A.O.

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